Second Week.

Wow!  We can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we launched Emanata! Already, we:

    • have reached readers far and wide in a total of 100 countries (and still counting!).
    • have found that Emanata is used as an “evening app”, meaning our readers engage with us during the hours of 6p and 9p.  We think this means they like to end their days with us.
    • logged over 12,000+ minutes with all of our readers.

We’ve also had many amazing new additions to our library from top-notch artists such as Tom Dell’Aringa, James Kersey, Jon Cairns, Eric Rosner, and Gwenaelle Gobe.  Make sure to check out their work if you haven’t already.

Best surprise so far? We’ve found James Kersey’s entire workflow is done on the iPad using Paper and Strip Designer.

We would also like to thank our original “seed artists” Jess Smart Smiley, James Baker, Ansis Purins, Malachi Ward, Geoff Vasile, Roman Muradov, Damien Jay, Chris Sturgill, D. Bethel & E.B. Burgoon, Red Stylo, Jennifer L. Meyer, Wren Nowan, and Sebastian Yen.

Without their trust and faith in us, Emanata would have never happened.

We are always looking for more new artists and contributors. If you know someone that would like be a part of the Emanata community, please email us