Emanata Comics on Android

android_nexusWe are very happy to announce the beta release of Emanata Comics for Android. The App is available -now- in Google Play. Download it for free here.

Emanata Comics for the Android platform works across a wide range of Android tablets and smartphones running Android 2.2 Froyo and above.

This is a beta release and there’s no In-App Purchase at the moment.

We would love to hear what you think. Please send us a note at feedback@emanata.co.



Press Coverage of Emanata 2.0.

“The app’s first step was to build a solid application for reading visual storytelling, and the second was to provide a solution to the large number of independent and aspiring comic book creators who were limited to selling a small number of printed comics at local shops and conventions.”

“Designed as a storefront and reader especially for independent artists, readers can discover new comics and stories they would have otherwise missed out on. “

“The app’s layout is perfect for the iPad’s large screen, taking full advantage of every pixel available. As soon as you open the app you’re introduced to loads of books, all scrolling along a virtual comic strip. It looks absolutely wonderful.”

“The App is one of the first readers designed entirely to promote, showcase and support independent comic books, giving creators a dedicated platform to aid them in getting their work into circulation.”


(…a new trend in comic book industry…)”

“It’s a smart package and one that extends the variety of comic books available through the iPad immensely.”

“Torn between geeking out over comics and geeking out over technology? There’s an app for that. Bay Area startup company Emanata is “a comic and visual story reader” that allows readers to access original comics from up-and-coming artists right on their iPad.”

“Comics fans will find a lot to like because Emanata specializes in finding things you haven’t seen before. Being all about the indies, it’s filled with comics that offer new and different ideas, artists, writers and styles. If you like your comics with a bit of diversity, this is app is a nice place to look around and discover new favorites.”

“Emanata’s system, by contrast, is billed as “artist centric” with no evaluation process before self-published comics go on sale. Creators can also choose to give their work away for free, which is not allowed on the Comixology platform.”